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If you are looking for higher education options that won't lead to crippling debt...

If you want to opt out of the flawed US admissions game....

If you want your teens to be able to explore the world and have incredible opportunities for their future...

Eliminating the Learning Curve

I've been exactly where you are. I had concerns about US higher education for my own kids. I wanted them to have an incredible education... without taking out a second mortgage on our house, going into debt, or playing the arbitrary (and rigged) admissions game.

I didn't think I had options and felt like I was stuck having to literally buy into a system that I had major concerns about. 

Until 2015, I had no idea that European universities (non UK) offered  degree programs that are taught entirely in English. When I learned about this, I began to explore the possibilities for my own kids and found that there was no objective single source of information. I knew other families and students would be interested and started Beyond the States.

I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing all things European higher education since then and have been amazed by what I have learned. I personally visit schools and we don't partner or accept money from the universities so that we can provide honest and comprehensive information.

These options have changed our life dramatically! My son, Sam, is going to Leiden University in the Netherlands. Depending on whether you compare the tuition to in-state or private tuition, WE ARE SAVING BETWEEN $40,000-200,000 for the overall cost-and this includes travel and living costs!

Of course, this is just one of the many benefits we have experienced. By opting out of the flawed US admissions game, Sam has been able to pursue his interests (academic and otherwise) without worrying about the impact on his college applications. He has had time for family, after-school employment, friends, and-of course-video games... 

His friends in the English-taught program are from around the world providing him with incredible and diverse perspectives on various world events. He is able to explore Europe and form deep connections with others who have similar interests. The career opportunities that will come from this experience are yet another benefit that we are excited about!

Sam's not the only one doing this. We have members in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, at least seven different cities in the Netherlands and three different cities in Hungary. I would have had trouble naming three cities in Hungary a few years ago!
Sounds great but...
I recognize that these options sound both exciting AND overwhelming! This is an incredibly important decisions that will affect your teenagers life in so many ways!

The research involved is time consuming and difficult. After all, there are more than 1800 fully accredited, English-taught bachelor's degree programs in continental Europe (not UK). We're talking about an entire continent with differences from country to country. How do you assess educational quality for different schools and different countries? How can you determine if you meet the admissions requirements? How do you even start? 
In just 10 days you can receive a researched list of 3-5 European bachelor's degree programs-based on information you submit-that match your budget, qualifications, goals and interests.  We don't leave you there!  You also will receive a video with suggestions, timeline, and everything you need to know to take the next steps. The regular price for this personalized service is $497, but for a limited time, you can receive it for just $347. This offer is just good for 7 days, so act now!

Fast Track to College in Europe
Limited Time Discount-Just $347 (regular price $497)
How does this work?
Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to an intake form.  This is where you will communicate your budget, academic background, qualifications, career goals, educational goals, preferences, interests, and more!  
Just 10 days later, you will receive an email and video message from me containing...
  • Curated information about 3-5 English-taught bachelor's degree programs that match your interests, budget, qualifications and goals.  
  • Answers to the FAQ's about college in Europe (financial, student visa, housing, academic, and more!).
  • Suggestions for next steps based on what stage of the process you are in.
Ready to change your life?
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what Does the Beyond the States community have to say?
Beyond the States was the single most crucial piece of our daughter’s college seeking journey. The tools and services provided allowed our daughter to easily select programs of interest based on her likes and admission criteria. The process is transparent, and by choice, she avoided much of the unnecessary stress and complication that has taken over the standard American process. She leaves tomorrow for Europe. We know she will graduate without loans and have uncountable opportunities that could not be duplicated here. Jennifer’s commitment, connections, and desire to share resources with others is what makes Beyond The States shine.
Summarize what sort of transformation happened
Because of your offer.
BTS has the most comprehensive information for American students looking to study in Europe. . Without it, we would never have found the school we ultimately chose. Start with one month membership. Dig around and see what possibilities are available. A European school is not for everyone, but everyone should consider a university in Europe. Beyond the financial benefits, the quality of education and the increased job opportunities upon graduation, there is the self awareness and personal growth from the experience of living in another culture 
for 3 or 4 years that cannot be found from attending an American university
- Laura, Connecticut
I’m so excited that my daughter is accepted to Erasmus University in the Netherlands! She is beyond excited to begin her college experience. We had never heard of Erasmus and would not have known where to begin without Beyond the States. Erasmus was on my daughter’s “Best Fit” list and it’s a perfect fit. We have felt educated and supported since we joined BTS. I’m also pleased that we have access to other families from around the country whose students will attend Erasmus. It’s a community we would not have had. Let’s also not forget that the money we have saved for college will go so much further in Europe. No crippling student loan debt for our daughter. I can’t say thank you enough for the help we have received in getting here.
- holly, INDIANA
If your kid is considering studying abroad, Beyond the States offers a community of like-minded, helpful parents, where you can get answers to your questions and compare notes with others.I believe college abroad will be transformative for my daughter, and I don't think we'd be pursuing this path if I hadn't stumbled across an article about Beyond the States a couple of years ago. Luckily for us I did, and now we are well on our way to making college abroad a reality. With BtS, I feel like part of a generous community that shares its knowledge and experiences, so I don't to figure out everything on my own. I can't imagine how our family would even navigate all the details we'd need to know about studying abroad without BtS and its members. So I am really grateful that BtS exists, and I tell everyone I know about it.

- Molly, New JErsey
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